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Wednesday 22 August 2012

Still Playing with Acrylic Gouache

I had a little bit more play around with my tubes of acrylic gouche - I ordered a few more and thought the colours of the Magenta and Rose were lovely however I did notice that the pigments were fluorescent - PR88 and fluorescent - PV19, which is a bit alarming as it means they won't be very lightfast.

Anyway, I've started a little cat ACEO just to see how acrylic gouache looks - below is a WIP -

I like the colours although when I looked at the list of pigments used in Turner Acryl Gouache there were some very strange mixes - I was trying to match them to regular acrylic colours. As Jacksons Art were having a bit of a sale on them I thought I would splash out and order an assortment of tubes - I avoided the fluorescent ones. I also ordered a few bottles of AV (Vallejo) acrylic gouache to try out - again a few of the colors mixes are a bit strange but most of the pigments and colours seem to be more regular. I haven't tried the AV yet but will post something when I do.

Saturday 16 June 2012

Turner Acryl Gouache

A little while ago I bought a sample box of Turner Acryl Gouache from Jackson's Art Supplies - only £2 for six 11ml tubes (see link below for the range of colours and sets)

Turner Gouache Banner

I had a little play with the colours when they first arrived -

and I've been playing around with them again this evening - I quite like them so I might invest in a few more colours. They dry matt and waterproof and give quite a nice effect.

Tuesday 12 June 2012

Getting back into painting, orange cat

Following on from making a start I finally got around to doing some actual painting. Started with the sheet I had coloured with turquoise acrylic and decided on a cat. I mostly used System 3 original on gessoed watercolour paper.

Wasn't sure where I was going with it but I'm quite happy with the result, I've made a start so hopefully I can keep going.

Saturday 9 June 2012

Getting back into the swing....

Haven't blogged for a while so I must get back into the swing of things. Got some great DVDs in the post - took advantage of a half price offer - now I just need the time to watch them.

Covered some paper in gesso and coloured acrylic washes so now I'm just waiting for the inspiration.

Found a cat painting that I almost started so I think I may have a go at finishing it.

And with the Queen's Jubilee last weekend Sarah and me decided to play with two mini canvases and collage them a bit. Sarah's is the 'Keep Calm' canvas - mine is the other but it's not quite finished yet....

Sunday 6 March 2011

The Colour Junkie at

I've opened up a Zazzle store and posted my first item for sale - a postcard of Felix. It's only a small start but I suppose I have to take little steps.

Thursday 3 March 2011

Fun With Faux Encaustics - Jodi Ohl

I don't get enough time to paint and it frustrates me, so I decided to try a little on-line class. It had to be reasonably priced, I had to be able to stop and start when needed and the techniques had to be something that I hoped I'd be able to use in many of my own paintings.
I decided to go for Jodi Ohl's class 'Fun with Faux Encaustics' - it uses acrylics and mixed media and Jodi had a special offer of a $10 discount.
I've signed up and have most of my materials though I'm still waiting for a few items in the post - I'm about ready to start.
There are written instructions with lots of colour pictures, on-line videos and you can email in questions. The visuals are very important to me as I take in the information better if there are colour pictures (OK, I'm a little kid at heart).
My four canvases arrived today - 8" x 8" - and I've applied some gesso - I don't have anywhere special to do this so it had to be on the dinning table. After leaving them to dry Carmen (one of my cats) jumped on the table and left paw prints in the gesso - never mind, they'll just add texture.
I'll add posts as I progress - unless the cats decide otherwise!

Sunday 20 February 2011

Painted Cat Ornaments Continued...

Not quite sure where I'm going with these recycled cat ornaments - or should I call them upcycled. Haven't had much chance to work on them but I'll see how they go - I may totally repaint them if I'm not happy!