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Thursday, 3 March 2011

Fun With Faux Encaustics - Jodi Ohl

I don't get enough time to paint and it frustrates me, so I decided to try a little on-line class. It had to be reasonably priced, I had to be able to stop and start when needed and the techniques had to be something that I hoped I'd be able to use in many of my own paintings.
I decided to go for Jodi Ohl's class 'Fun with Faux Encaustics' - it uses acrylics and mixed media and Jodi had a special offer of a $10 discount.
I've signed up and have most of my materials though I'm still waiting for a few items in the post - I'm about ready to start.
There are written instructions with lots of colour pictures, on-line videos and you can email in questions. The visuals are very important to me as I take in the information better if there are colour pictures (OK, I'm a little kid at heart).
My four canvases arrived today - 8" x 8" - and I've applied some gesso - I don't have anywhere special to do this so it had to be on the dinning table. After leaving them to dry Carmen (one of my cats) jumped on the table and left paw prints in the gesso - never mind, they'll just add texture.
I'll add posts as I progress - unless the cats decide otherwise!

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  1. Too funny about your cats leaving prints in the gesso, that is so typical. :) But your right it just adds texture, no big deal. Have fun taking Jodi's class, I love her work! Been a fan of hers for a couple years now.

    btw yes you are a winner! Go ahead and contact me through FB or you can email me