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Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Still Playing with Acrylic Gouache

I had a little bit more play around with my tubes of acrylic gouche - I ordered a few more and thought the colours of the Magenta and Rose were lovely however I did notice that the pigments were fluorescent - PR88 and fluorescent - PV19, which is a bit alarming as it means they won't be very lightfast.

Anyway, I've started a little cat ACEO just to see how acrylic gouache looks - below is a WIP -

I like the colours although when I looked at the list of pigments used in Turner Acryl Gouache there were some very strange mixes - I was trying to match them to regular acrylic colours. As Jacksons Art were having a bit of a sale on them I thought I would splash out and order an assortment of tubes - I avoided the fluorescent ones. I also ordered a few bottles of AV (Vallejo) acrylic gouache to try out - again a few of the colors mixes are a bit strange but most of the pigments and colours seem to be more regular. I haven't tried the AV yet but will post something when I do.

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